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“Golf is as dear to my heart as it is to my pocket.  I have been shelling out so regularly for so long, to bandits using six irons for six shooters, that I should really turn up on the first tee in a Santa outfit.”

“Not for a king’s ransom would I tell you my least favourite places in Ireland,” says Niall Toibin with a grin, “because I’d be sure to have to go and work there next week.”

'It's funny the way people remember me from different perspectives,' he says. 'If I go up North and someone says, 'God you were great as Brendan Behan,' I know I'm talking to a Catholic. And if someone says, 'You were very funny in the Irish RM,' I'm more than likely talking to a Protestant, because the RM was always very, very popular with those from a British background, possibly because the show harked back to a time of landlords and horses and it had a sort of nostalgic ring about it for certain people.”

“I love going back to Cork .”  (Intervier: You’re very popular there.)  “Well, they recognize genius when they see it.”
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