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Niall Toibin as Brendan Behan
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Behan Himself

Niall Toibin once again becomes Brendan Behan on stage at Dublin’s new HQ Club in the Irish Music Hall of Fame complex for a limited run opening on the 3rd of January 2002.

BEHAN HIMSELF,” directed by Michael Scott, is taken from Behan’s earlier works which first appeared as newspaper articles. In a masterful editing job, Toibin has turned these rare Behan offerings into a string of wildly entertaining sketches performed with the help of Derek Chapman, Tom Murphy, Geraldine Plunkett, and Niall’s daughter Sighle Toibin. As always, it is Niall Toibin’s Behan portrayal and narration that weaves the whole thing together like magic.

“Give Toibin a stage, some lights, a voice, and Dublin’s Darlin”, Brendan Behan is in our midst again.”

Sunday Independent editor Aengus Fanning quotes Niall Toibin as saying of the show, “What we are trying to do in this (production) is reproduce the kind of laughter that was provoked by Brendan’s presence. The articles he wrote in the Irish Press were republished only recently in collected forms. They are absolutely hilarious …they are the funniest things he ever did.”

Evening Herald Review

“Niall Toibin again steps effortlessly into the role of Behan; Toibin is excellent in the role and still seems to  relish the challenge of playing this character. Brendan Behan …assails the audience with anecdotes, songs, poetry and short stories which vary from the hilarious to the touching. (Toibin’s) rendition of the short story The Confirmation Suit is particularly moving. Other highlights in the show are the songs specifically The Dublin Fusiliers and the finale The Auld Triangle.